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30 Day Slim Thick Workout Guide

30 Day Slim Thick Workout Guide

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What it will consist of:

  • Nutritional Guide
  • Meal Ideas
  • Helpful Tips
  • 30 day workout plan

Types of exercise: HITT cardio, cardio, bodyweight exercises, and weight lifting 

Equipment needed: (GYM)

  • Squat rack (Barbell) or Smith machine
  • Dumbbell//Kettlebells
  • Leg Press
  • Cable Machine
  • Treadmill or Jumprope
  • Lat pull down
  • Leg curl machine
  • Bench

Equipment needed: (HOME)

  • Dumbbells
  • Resistance Band

A plan that focus on eliminating fat while you create or enhance that shape. This plan will force you to challenge yourself.

How it will work: After you purchase the guide it will be sent to your email as a PDF form for you to download. Please put down your email when purchasing, so we will be able to send to you.

PLEASE SEND US PICTURES OF BEFORE AND we can see your progress :))))

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